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Technology has gifted the world with an invention that makes meal preparation less cumbersome as it used to be, especially when you want to reheat a leftover food. Though the Microwave oven was an accidental discovery by a self-taught engineer, who realized that the heat from the project he was working on melted the chocolate bar he had, it has become a major kitchen gadget.Samsung to Release Stainless Steel Microwave Oven

It can be used to warm up and prepare a variety of meals, not excluding bread. However, remember to place a cover over the food item and use either a glass or ceramic container as not all plastics are truly "microwave safe".

Ever seen those plant-like substances that grow on not-so-fresh bread? A very annoying situation unfolds when you realize that the bread loaf you had intended to eat has suddenly become the breeding ground for a fungus matter called mold.

It would not be wrong to assume that most bread lovers did not know what bromated flour was until the clamour to control its use in bakeries.

Bromated flour is not a special kind of flour, but flour that has been mixed with a food additive called potassium bromate.