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Welcome to the Bon Bread page!

We are delighted that you chose to visit! As usual, we have oven-fresh, delightful bread in different varieties waiting for you! Which of our breads have you tried? The Fantasia bread? The Family Loaf? The Fancy bread?

Ever heard of dance fitness?

Dance Fitness is what the world is calling what our parents used to do in the 50's - dance to infectious music in easy to follow steps, in groups. No wonder they were fit most of their lives. We have so many styles, the rumba, the zumba, Dance Aerobics Fitness and many more.

Why not start the new year with some free gifts? Participate in the "Holiday Breakfast with Bon Bread" Challenge! Its a healthy breakfast planned for your festive days [especially those days that Mama is more focused on that fantastic lunch than your morning rumbling tummy].

"Keeping Fit with Bon Bread" brought to you by The Krump Dance Studios, has been born! We have had two episodes this December, one at Jabi Lake, and another at Mbora Citec.