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Ever heard of dance fitness?

Dance Fitness is what the world is calling what our parents used to do in the 50's - dance to infectious music in easy to follow steps, in groups. No wonder they were fit most of their lives. We have so many styles, the rumba, the zumba, Dance Aerobics Fitness and many more.

Its easy to do, all you need is good music and some space to move around.

We have even made it better - we are bringing Dance Fitness to you!

Food and Food Integrated's Bon Bread is teaming up with the professional and popular dance school, The Krump dance Studio to bring you 'Keeping Fit with Bon Bread".

The program will begin in Abuja's Jabi Lake, on December 8, 2012.

It will entail dancing for at least three hours of the morning, with health personnel available to check your body's vitals, and Bon Bread stands for you to pick healthy loaves afterwards.

So, come and dance away the extra weight, live at Jabi Lake!