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Food and Food Integrated believes that variety is the spice of life, hence we offer several types of products in our three major categories. All our baked products are bromate and saccharine free, and we are NAFDAC Registered.
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the family's choice!
Bon Bread consists of over five different kinds of loaves, loved by our consumers nation-wide. We have the Family loaf, Breakfast roll, Fantasia bread, Fancy Bread, Coconut Bread, Wheat Bread, Plain Milk bread, Fruit Milk Bread and the Egg Cottage.

Healthy creamy flavours!
Our Ice Cream products are delicious, and creamy - as testified to by all our customers. We sell to several companies that in turn report how all their customers rave about our over 40 different fantastic flavours! Fab Ice cream is simply fabulous!

Simply irresistible!
Our Delightful pastries are essentially a promise kept! Each pastry product is specially made with fresh ingredients, by talented professionals, to WOW your tastebuds and fill you up with lots of healthy goodness.