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It is a common sight to see people eat their bread in very different ways, but what is tricky about this is that, though most times bread is eaten in the wrong way, most people do not know this as a very large sum of the public eat their bread the same way. What then is the right way of eating bread? When served your bread, if it is not sliced, do not apply the spread on the whole loaf, apply it sequentially on the small pieces that you are going to chew on. Do not bite into a whole loaf – even if it’s a small one, cut off small pieces based on what can go into your mouth at a time.

English: Loaves of bread at Stroud, Gloucester...

Some soups can tempt you to dip your bread slice into it, do not fall for this. In public places, you might just be the joke someone picks on.

The right way of eating Bread? There is no right way, just socially acceptable ways. Humans have been eating bread for thousands of years, and have morphed it into so many flavors, shapes, colors and sizes that, regardless of your choice of accompaniment, bread can still be eaten beautifully.