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Do all bread loaves have to contain yeast? No. But if you want the dough to rise while its baking, it is best advisable to add some yeast to it. Yeast plays a number of roles in the bread making process. Asides making the dough rise by releasing CO2 (carbon dioxide) which forms bubbles in the dough, it also releases some flavor while it ferments.

Active dried yeast, a granulated form in which...

What is yeast anyway? Yeast is a grayish-yellow preparation of this obtained chiefly from fermented beer, used as a fermenting agent, to raise bread dough. Earliest records show that yeast was first used in bread-making, in Ancient Egypt [Africa Rules!] some 4000 years ago.

Caution must be employed in the use of yeast because if wrongly done, it can leave a baker stranded. While too little quantity added can make the loaf thick, too much can make it have empty pockets. Overheating it can kill the yeast fungi, while cold yeast would not the activated to work.

Adding a proportionate of yeast to the flour however, produces a well risen, sweet smelling bread loaf.

Bon Bread prides itself in the excellent usage of yeast, in all our bread products - you can be sure of a well risen sweet smelling bread loaf from us every time!