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If the bread you eat doesn’t leave a sweet taste in your mouth, you probably would not pick and put it in your shopping cart the next time you go into the marts. What makes you conclude that a bread loaf is tasty is the sensation you enjoy from chewing it.

There was once a question asked by a child about how the bread loaves get to be cut in equal sizes. The first slicing machine was invented in 1912 and has since been a great contribution to the baking industry. 

It is safe to agree on the fact that fresh baked hot bread has become a tradition among various groups of people, and the practice has been passed on from generation to generation.

From the times bread loaves have been commercially produced, various steps have been taken to ensure they are as healthy, persevered, attractive and tasty as can be. A major concern was how to keep the loaf wrapped.

As you chew on your bread piece, the digestion process starts. Saliva in your mouth helps to breakdown the carbon hydrate content of the bread and it continues as the piece travels down to the stomach.