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It is a common event to hear people talk about their New Year resolutions, everyone makes a conscious decision to turn a new leaf concerning certain character traits or to practice new ones.

When thinking of a gift item, a bread loaf is not the first idea that crosses the mind, but it would be amazing to note the various reactions people have displayed when they open a gift box and find sumptuous bread loafs in it!

If the bread you eat doesn’t leave a sweet taste in your mouth, you probably would not pick and put it in your shopping cart the next time you go into the marts. What makes you conclude that a bread loaf is tasty is the sensation you enjoy from chewing it.

Everyone seems to prefer the whole loaf or even the slice to the crumbs - some even throw away the topping and bottom slice in a loaf! What a sight it is, when you cut open your bread loaf and the crumbs just keep falling off. But the crumbs are not necessarily a curse!

There was once a question asked by a child about how the bread loaves get to be cut in equal sizes. The first slicing machine was invented in 1912 and has since been a great contribution to the baking industry.