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‘Bon’ is a French word for good. Bon bread means good bread.

The question then asked is, ‘what makes bread good’? Bon bread is always packed with nourishment, doing the body as much good as it should. It is very healthy and retains its freshness.

Many people have come up with various theories about how best to eat bread. Nutritionists have had to answer questions about which is more advisable, eating bread while it is hot or after it has become cold.

A large number of options abound when making a choice of what ways to prepare meals that have bread in it. In some meals , the bread loaf is to be eaten with soups or sauces.

Butter, jam, honey, cheese, apricot cream, mayonnaise, peanut butter, tomato spreads, walnut creams, tuna spread, pumpkin butter and a whole lot more are the various options of spreads which can be applied to bread when eating.

It is a common sight to see people eat their bread in very different ways, but what is tricky about this is that, though most times bread is eaten in the wrong way, most people do not know this as a very large sum of the public eat their bread the same way. What then is the right way of eating bread? When served your bread, if it is not sliced, do not apply the spread on the whole loaf, apply it sequentially on the small pieces that you are going to chew on. Do not bite into a whole loaf – even if it’s a small one, cut off small pieces based on what can go into your mouth at a time.