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‘Bon’ is a French word for good. Bon bread means good bread.

The question then asked is, ‘what makes bread good’? Bon bread is always packed with nourishment, doing the body as much good as it should. It is very healthy and retains its freshness.

Any ‘Bon’ bread satisfies the consumer’s hunger for a quality bread loaf and at the same time leaves him/her wanting some more. ‘Bon’ bread has our baker’s signature on it because it comes in the finest qualities: light but filling, delicious and lasting, shapely and enticing. ‘Bon’ bread does not leave you guessing, it always comes out good.

And you have many types to choose from: apart from the regular Family Loaf, there is the Coconut Bread, Fantasia Bread, Fruit Milk Bread, Plain Milk Bread, Wheat Bread, Fancy Bread, Egg Cottage, and Breakfast Roll.

Try them all and tell us which is your favorite!