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Bread has been baked for thousands of years, and in the early days of bread making, machines and microwave ovens were not in existence [of course]. The ancient bakers used wood fired ovens for their baking.

These were made of clay or red brick and were built like domes over a land space with an opening through which the dough was passed in.

English: A masonry wood-fired oven, during the...

The dough is placed on the flattened head of a wooden rod, which is then put into the oven. Though easy to describe, it is a much more complicated process when compared with how baking machines operate. The early consumers also stood the risk of having clay or brick particles in their bread loaves, which must have fallen from the walls of the oven. The use of hearth ovens have not totally gone into extinction as many large bakeries still use them, though more technology has gone into making them very safe.

So the next time you look at your microwave [or our Bon Bread], thank science for the major technology advancements that have enabled the production of bread in safer, faster and more economical, 'fancy ovens'.